Ralu Logistics as a General Sponsor at Five-a-Side Football Tournament in Rugvica

ZAGREB, January 13, 2015 – Last week, from January 8 to 11, saw the sixth winter (in total, the eight) five-a-side football tournament HORUGVIĆ-RALU 2015 in Rugvica.

This year Ralu participated as a general sponsor of the tournament, which also presents the beginning of building good neighborly relations with Rugvica, where the Logistics distribution center is to be opened soon.
The five-a-side football tournament was organized in 4 age categories, participants aged between 8 and 14, including even 51 Croatian teams from across the country. This competition enables the players to host best Croatian youth clubs in Primary School of Rugvica gym. The clubs include Dinamo, Zagreb, Lokomotiva and Hrvatski dragovoljac.

“Cooperation with Ralu Logistics is of key importance for us, otherwise the tournament could never be organized on such a high level. I would like to thank Ralu for their cooperation as well as for financial help to our local team in last year's season”, said the president of the football club Mato Čičak, stressing this tournament was of great importance for Rugvica municipality, where usually there are no many events, which makes this tournament a spectacle for participating teams. Between 300 and 400 football fans attend each match, which is a significant number for this kind of event.

In addition, it is especially interesting to notice that a player who participated in last year's tournament today plays for the English club Chelsea, which indicates in Rugvica there are many young football mainstays yet to be discovered.


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