RALU Logistics bought 90 new MAN trucks

ZAGREB, 28 October 2014 - At the solemn handover ceremony which took place in MAN Importer Croatia’s premises, 90 new MAN TGX Euro 6 ECO Class trucks were given to RALU Logistics company.

On behalf of RALU Logistics, its CEO Zvonimir Šćurec received the trucks from MAN Importer Croatia’s director Velimir Marović. Šćurec used this opportunity to emphasize that the purchase of 90 state-of-the-art trucks whose total value is 50 million kuna represents one of the largest transactions of the type in the region. He also emphasized the fact that the majority of the vehicle fleet is renewed after only 4 years, which is in line with the highest European standards of vehicle fleet management and which is much sooner than the average in the region. RALU Logistics’ branches in Croatia and Serbia will use the trucks, primarily for the needs of transport in Europe.

“Since its very beginnings RALU has had excellent cooperation with MAN and the signing of this contract is a confirmation and a consequence of a long-time partnership. The purchase of new, highest-class trucks is a proof that the highest level vehicle quality is definitely one of the prerequisites to ensure the highest quality of service for clients. RALU logistics is focused on transport of high-quality goods which demand special temperature conditions, which means that it does business with clients who work in industries with very high safety and quality criteria, which can be completely fulfilled with these vehicles,” said Mr Šćurec.  “We are looking forward to every new success of our business partners and we are also happy that we have been a part of RALU Logistics’ business development and growth for many years,” said MAN Importer Croatia’s Executive Director Velimir Marović and added that they and RALU shared a common philosophy of monitoring total expenses of vehicle exploitation and that they believe that efficiency and reliability of new trucks shall ensure high competitiveness for their client, both on local and European market.

Otherwise, the vehicle purchase contract, which was signed a while ago, was signed by RALU Logistics’ CEO Zvonimir Šćurec, but also by the owner of the company Luka Rajić. The contract was also signed by Executive Director of MAN Importer Croatia, Velimir Marović, and by Executive Director of MAN Importer Serbia, Aleksandar Ćosović. On behalf of MAN Truck&Bus AG the contract was signed by senior vice-president Josef Sindl, who came to Croatia for the first time for this opportunity, which tells a lot about the importance of this deal for both companies.

“Mobility of the vehicle fleet is extremely important for everyone in logistics and for three years in a row MAN has had the best results and received the highest grade at vehicle safety testing conducted by German TÜV. Additionally, MAN has the largest sales-servicing network in Croatia, which proved its competence by winning the first place at MAN’s internal competition of service technicians from all over the world, and it won the award the second year in a row! Long-time successful cooperation between RALU Logistics and MAN shows that a good product in good hands guarantees quality results,” said Mr Sindl. The owner of RALU Logistics, Luka Rajić, pointed out during the signing of the contract that next year RALU Logistics would celebrate the 25th anniversary of its business and that in that period it had always been a synonym for quality. “In our new operational phase in the last four years we have started focusing on logistic services in the cold chain, and taking into consideration business development across Europe and additional investments in the logistic segment of business we are now implementing, we have chosen the correct path,” added Mr Rajić.

MAN TGX Euro 6 ECO Class vehicles represent the latest series of MAN’s trucks which are still not quite present in this part of Europe. Trucks are equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art devices for communication and tracking of vehicle’s working parameters, the status and temperature of goods in real time and they are connected by the satellite monitoring system. This establishes new criteria in the heavy duty vehicles series and fulfils the highest demands for comfort, cost-effectiveness and dynamics. At the same time, ECO Class 6 meets the expectations with precisely harmonized technical measures which result in optimal fuel consumption, satisfy demanding limitations in order to reduce harmful exhaust emission and at the same time enable a longer life-span of the vehicle.
RALU Logistics is the leading independent regional logistic company in the cold chain segment and it provides the logistic solution in a single place - from taking over the goods to its delivery at the retail outlet. The RALU group has companies in three countries (Croatia, Serbia and Hungary) and more than 300 employees, with more than 180 state-of-the-art vehicles and it can offer transport services in whole Europe and Russia.


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