RALU Logistika Launches a New Website

ZAGREB, April 1st, 2014 – A logistics company RALU Logistika has launched its new website with new contents and visuals at the .com domain, www.ralulogistics.com.

The website's very modern and attractive design along with the website's functionality enable the visitors to find all key information here – from the company's key activities communicated via central banner through offer submission forms and tracing goods in transport to information about services. The project has been designed by a team of individuals from different company departments so that the new platform could present all segments required for RALU Logistika business.

RALU Logistika Board Manager Zvonimir Šćurec said the new website was adjusted to clients' requirements and it provided an easier access to all information on RALU Logistika, the company which has been intensively expanding and developing its business. “This website was launched in the moment when RALU Logistika started its intensive logistics activities, so the new website will support activities in this segment as well as in other ones. Our website enables a true realization of our intention to provide a unique and top-quality service to our clients and to perform the duties that have been entrusted to us conforming to highest standards,” said Mr. Šćurec stressing the top-quality standards applied to each business segment, including the new website which would enable an even better client – company relationship.
Useful links on the website are special news as they include the links to numerous relevant websites in the entire Europe. The links enable a provision of all useful information in one place, including the information related to travel plans, from fuel prices in Europe, traffic rules in European countries to weather forecast.

RALU Logistika is a leading independent regional logistics company in the cold chain segment which offers a logistics solution in one place – from takeover of the goods to store delivery. RALU Group has its firms in three countries (Croatia, Serbia and Hungary) and employs more than 300 people. Its 170 top modern vehicles enable a provision of transportation services in the entire Europe as well as in Russia.


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