SAP business solution in RALU logistics

ZAGREB, July 22, 2014 - By signing the Agreement on Implementation of the Solution and delivery of SAP user licenses in Croatia and Serbia, on the 10th of July in Zagreb began the project of implementation of SAP business solution in our company. The Agreement was signed with the company S&T which in cooperation with the company Atos will implement the stated solution.

LURA Group has positive experience with the stated companies since they are the ones which had with their joint forces implemented the same solution ten years ago in the former LURA Group, today Dukat (Lactalis), while with this project the RALU logistics joins the company Pharmas which had already had the SAP solution implemented both in Croatia and in Serbia.
On the day when the Agreement was signed, the first workshops started. Hence, the Project these days is at its peak. Workshops are being held every day in Zagreb, in Radnička street, with the fundamental goal of achieving mutual familiarization – the consultants are getting familiarized in detail with the present business operation of RALU logistics as well as with the users' requests for the future solution, while on the other hand the users (team members) are getting familiarized with the possibilities of the SAP business solution.

The implementation itself covers the following business operations segments: finance and accounting, controlling, material operations, simple and complex warehouse management, plants maintenance, sales, transport, distribution, human resources and travels management, and business reporting. The complexness and complexity of the project is best shown by the information that only the narrow team of RALU logistics is comprised of over 30 internal users (all of them future users of the solution) and additional 15 consultants along with 5 members of the Project leadership on both sides.
The launch of the implementation of the system is planned for the beginning of May 2015, and couple of months after the Go-live in Croatia, the same project will begin in Serbia (roll-out of the Croatian solution) where the transfer to production is planned for the beginning of 2016. Anyway, the SAP business solution will be connected with the remaining specific solutions which are used today or will be used in RALU logistics, so the basic idea is to enhance and standardize the business processes, to achieve long term cutting of expenses, and to enhance the business operation of the entire company through integration of all business solutions, primarily in the segments of transport, distribution and warehouse management.


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