Ralu Becomes a member of PLAN Europe, a Network of Prominent Logistics Companies

ZAGREB, December 9, 2014 – Ralu Logistics became a member of the association PLAN Europe (Pharma Logistics Alliance Network) – a network of 7 European logistics companies which cooperate, according to the most recent GDP Pharma standards, to offer a complete logistics support to pharmaceutical industry throughout Europe.

The association consists of the leading European logistics companies from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, France, Spain along with Ralu from Croatia and Serbia.
Members of the association have their own logistics infrastructure – more than 900 towing vehicles with 5 validated cross dock platforms throughout Europe – all of them having a GDP Pharma certificate. Each member is in charge when it comes to organization of business activities in a certain area, Ralu Logistics being in charge of the provision of logistics service in the region of South East Europe.

“Lately, Ralu has registered a significant growth of transportation and logistics of pharmaceutical products, which proves our company is focused on transportation of valuable and demanding goods as well as on cooperation with clients making  top quality and safety demands”, said RALU Logistics' Management Board President Zvonimir Šćurec.
The association PLAN Europe consists of Ralu Logistics along with Essers companies from Belgium, Nolan Transport from Ireland and the UK, Bech-Hansen&Studsgaard from Denmark, Thermo Logistics from Poland, Tresserras from Spain and Gandon from France.
All of the mentioned logistics companies have specialized for logistics of pharmaceutical products and obliged to adhere to very high group quality standards prescribed by PLAN Europe, such as 24/7 proactive tracking temperature and position of the vehicles, validation of all equipment, complying with quality standards and temperature conditions throughout the supply chain, high safety standards and dedicated and well trained staff. The association PLAN Europe enables strategic presence in Europe, and is able to offer transportation, warehousing and distribution service to its clients, aimed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical industry, from one pallet to a full trailer, throughout Europe, in the former Soviet Republics and in the area of the North Africa.
RALU Logistics is a leading independent regional logistics company in the cold chain segment, which provides logistics solution all in one place – from goods acceptance to sales point delivery. RALU Group has its affiliates in three countries (Croatia, Serbia, Hungary) with over 300 employees, while its more than 180 most modern vehicles make the Group able to provide its transportation services throughout Europe and Russia.


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