RALU Logistics in cooperation with SPAR Croatia

ZAGREB, 26.6.2019.-Almost a year ago RALU Logistics started cooperation with SPAR Croatia which includes distribution, warehousing and manipulation of fresh meat products. Implementation of SPAR's equipment at Rugvica location and connecting it with RALU logistics infrastructure was done in short term and soon we started with operational part of business.

After opening tests, today we can proudly publish that around 30 RALU Logistics employees work with goal of keeping high quality and quantity of SPAR and INTERSPAR fresh meat department on a daily basis.

In logistics and distribution center in Rugvica, except RALU employees, there are also SPAR Croatia employees specialized for meat quality controls on a daily basis, so we can ensure that end-customer receives quality and safe products.

To this day, this cooperation proved to be great business decision for both sides, and we hope that in time we can enhance and continue cooperation at mutual pleasure. Also, with this cooperation RALU Logistics continues growth in the prescribed description, with goal of cooperation with great and serious clients, keeping quality in the first place.


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